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Custom synthesis and contract R&D

CMOAPI can offer the following services, all of which are underpinned by our strong policies on Intellectual Property (IP) protection, ensuring projects are handled in the strictest of confidence at all times. Synthetic route development Process optimization Process scale-up from grams through to Metric Tons Exclusivity if required Full analytical support including HPLC, GC-MS and NMR FTE service For products where a manufacturing process already exists, CMOAPI can offer contract and toll manufacturing services to a customer’s own specification. In addition to the services mentioned above, we also provide a specialist raw material sourcing service (at no additional cost) to ensure that, wherever possible, we only use sources of high quality materials at competitive market prices. CMOAPI is also able to offer a custom research and development service tailored to customers’ specific requirements. We have an excellent track record of solving complex organic synthesis challenges for our customers and projects can be based on full-time equivalents (FTE) or daily rates. Contact us to find out how our highly-skilled R&D team can make your next project our latest success.


Small-scale & large-scale manufacturing

For the last ten years, CMOAPI has been providing outstanding custom synthesis and manufacturing services. Our service level can range from milligram’s small batch to tons of large-scale manufacturing services. The majority of our clients are located in the North America, Europe, Aisa, including Pfizer, lilly, roche, GSK, MSD, bayer and other famous company. All of our custom synthesis and manufacturing services are conducted under conditions of strict confidentiality. Our integrated project teams are supported by a highly experienced and dedicated group of scale-up chemists. Working with reactors with a temperature range from -100˚C up to 300˚C, and scales ranging from 5L to 5000L, value is delivered to customers by efficient in-house synthesis of key project intermediates (up to metric ton quantities) and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Manufacturing is performed in our wholly-owned manufacturing facility. We customize the supply chain for production chemistry to meet your specific project deliverables with optimal speed and cost while meeting the highest standards of process safety and regulatory compliance. Optimized production processes allow for flexible batch sizes and improved product quality. All processes are designed to meet strict regulatory standards.


Building blocks for drug discovery

CMOAPI for Drug Discovery is a cloud-based, cognitive solution that analyzes scientific knowledge and data to reveal known and hidden connections that can help increase the likelihood of scientific breakthroughs. The platform allows researchers to generate new hypotheses with the help of dynamic visualizations, evidence-backed predictions and natural language processing trained in the life sciences domain. CMOAPI for Drug Discovery can accelerate identification of novel drug candidates and novel drug targets by harnessing the potential of big data.


Process R&D and new route development

Our chemical development team, comprised of more than 50 scientists in our countries, exceeds expectations on even the most challenging projects. Working in state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with the latest process and analytical instrumentation, we efficiently conduct route scouting, rapid process development, optimization of reaction conditions for scale-up of materials for preclinical trials or large-scale manufacturing. With support from our expert team of analysts, chemical engineers and QA professionals, we rapidly and efficiently develop scalable manufacturing processes to meet your any need.